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Chemical Testing Services for: Food & Agricultural Products, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, AYUSH Products, Water, Gases,Atmospheric Pollution, Industrial & Fine Chemicals, Hazardous & Restricted Chemicals, Fire Fighting Equipment , Explosives & Pyrotechnics, Building Material, Lubricants, Adhesives, Paints & Surface Coating, Metallic coatings & Treatment solutions, Metals & Alloys, Ores & Minerals, Petroleum & Products, Solid Fuels, Paper and Pulp, Rubber & Rubber Products, Soap Detergent & Toiletries, Soil and Rock, Textile, Pesticide Formulations

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Advanced Metallurgical Laboratory


Advance Metallurgical Laboratory, also known as AML, is a well known name in the field of metal related testing. AML renders its services to small, medium and large scale industries in the field of material testing which includes Chemical analysis of iron, nickel, copper and aluminum base alloys; metallographic (microstructure, macro etching, inclusion rating, grain size etc. ) structure and image analysis; mechanical testing like tensile, yield, elongation, impact and hardness and Non destructive testing.

Chemical Testing
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